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Centre Island Schools

Residents of Centre Island have the option of attending any one of the Gold Coast’s acclaimed private institutions or the schools of the Oyster Bay- East Norwich School District.

The Oyster Bay - East Norwich Central School District comprises a small educational community the students in three schools, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School (Grades K-2), James H. Vernon School (Grades 3-6) and Oyster Bay High School (Grades 7-8, 9-12).  The total enrollment for grades K-12 is 1,430 students.  Of the 89 high school graduates, 78 graduated with Regents a diploma, 50 of those with advanced designation.  86 of the 89 graduates planned to attend college after graduation.

The Oyster Bay school system began with the support of James Townsend who was on the Board of Regents of Columbia University from 1784 to 1787, while the East Norwich school system celebrated its first annual meeting of elders on February 2, 1838. 

Both systems were fashioned by the action of the voters on July 1, 1962, creating the Oyster Bay - East Norwich Central School District in the 13.1 square mile school boundaries. 

This district enjoy a reputation for excellent academic programs, lowest true value tax rate in Nassau County, and distinguished student accomplishments thanks to one of the highest expenditure per pupil in the county, with instruction programs extending from the classroom to interscholastic athletics and co-curricular activities.

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